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Winter & Spring Concerts

In keeping with our goal of bringing the Sacandaga region affordable, quality, live music, SVAN continues its “Sacandaga Live” series with a variety of monthly concerts for the community to enjoy.


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SVAN's 2016–2017
Winter Concert Series

The SVAN Winter Concert Series is a wonderful tradition we have to break the monotony of the cold winter season. Held at 6pm at the ST. Frances Church on Bridge St. in Northville, these monthly concerts provide a much needed opportunity for the Sacandaga region to get out and enjoy some of the most talented musicians of the area. The 2016-17 SVAN winter season is on track to provide you with everything you need to warm up on those chilly nights!



Saturday, December 3
6 PM
St. Francis Church, Bridge St., Northville


Miche Fambro

Miché Fambro is known by many different people for very different things. Some know him as the dynamic band leader of one of Upstate NY's most popular bands a few years back. Others know him as an extraordinary guitarist/vocalist singer-songwriter touring through their small town ("Why are you here??"), performing with the energy and sound of a full band on his single instrument. And, still others recognize him as a jazz crooner, lending his fluid voice to beloved classics. His grandfather, a Vaudeville "hoofer," knew him as the boy who wouldn't listen, and chose to shape his life around music/entertainment despite the experienced advice of his elders.

And, it has been a challenge. No doubt about it - Grandpa Fambro was right. Nonetheless, the passion has never dimmed and the urge to create has only grown with time. Whether he's writing a song, practicing a new flourish on the guitar, playing with a new approach to an old jazz standard, recording an episode for his "Guitar Lessons" online video series (stories, sketches, interviews, insights into what entertainers go through to entertain...), or strategizing next steps for his live Music/Variety project - the "Whadd'ya Say Show" - Miché is always fully committed, completely immersed, creatively propelled.

One would think that all this focused drive could turn Miché into a self-centered bore. In fact, the opposite is true. Miché, though resolutely faithful to his calling, is also a silly man. Much like his music, his humor is unexpected, spontaneous, and comes out of a place that is uniquely Miché. And, though determined to follow his own path, Miché is always attentive to those around him. He invites others into the creative process and finds pleasure in the efforts and successes of his peers. It is this combination of genuine enthusiasm for the stories and talents of others, and his desire to always produce something of exceptional quality that has led Miché in these latest directions - and which leads him to seek resources beyond his own to capture the vision. And, let's face it. After all these years, it's time to prove Grandpa Fambro wrong. A Good Guy Waiting (for a bad girl to happen)


Saturday, January 21
6 PM
St. Francis Church, Bridge St., Northville

Steven Candlen

Steven Candlen joins us on Saturday, January 21 as our first artist of 2017! Steven Candlen is a very well known singer/songwriter from the region who played drums for many well-known area bands before starting his successful solo career. His breathtaking mellow vocals and excellent guitar playing will undoubtedly leave you smiling, even in the dead of winter. Steve has several CD’s under his belt, including his most recent: SUBWAYFARER and A Murmuration of Starlin

“Songs can present themselves anywhere from conversation to contemplation in every aspect of experience one might encounter on any given day. Recognizing such moments as inspiration and the ammunition to write something poignant and cohesive is half the battle. I write simple yet vulnerable melodies about the experiences of life, love, and perspective in the 21st century. I enjoy writing from a title that hands me a topic allowing me to color in the blanks. Other than that I’m just an average minded goofball.”

“I’ve played drums for most of my life in and around my hometown of Albany, NY – touring nationally with Felix Caveliere’s Rascals (The Young Rascals) 88′ through 96′, presently with Columbia recording artist Franklin Micare and Irish folk artist Kevin Mckrell. In 2003 I decided to start performing solo (guitar/vocal). I was the winner of the 2005 “Music For Miracles” Songwriting Contest with the title ” All Over The World”, was voted Metroland Magazine’s “Best Male Vocalist 2006”, and “Best Drummer 2007”. I hope you enjoy my music.” Hope in your eyes



Bob Warren


Saturday, March 11
6 PM
St. Francis Church, Bridge St., Northville

Bob Warren is an amazing local singer-songwriter with a great talent for entertaining. While influenced most by the 60’s, he’s able to give life to a huge variety of styles from musicals to rock ‘n’ roll. Bob brings a little bit of everything to his performances, all backed up with his fantastic vocals and guitar playing. So come and have a great time with the Bob Warren Trio!

"Warren mixes pitch-perfect word play, keen observations, and evocative insights."
           -- Greg Haymes, Nippertown

Bob's music reflects a poetic artistry that is both articulate and evocative.  With his roots in the folk troubadour tradition, Bob’s writing is surprisingly diverse. From musicals to rock and everything in between, Bob's music shares his humor, wit, and heart. The songs address a wide range of topics: one, a portrait of The Battenkill (the river that flows through his town), another, an adrenaline rush of a song about his former noisy neighbors, yet another written for the AARP crowd. Social commentary about the peace movement, born again philosophy, and the ongoing debate following the shooting in Newtown, CT also play a role in Bob’s writing. Then, there are the catchy, soulful tunes that just feel good like a summer’s day at the beach!

A songwriter of many styles of music, Bob's songs have been recorded by blues guitarist and singer Joan Crane, pop singer Mallory O'Donnell, and reggae/R&B singer Minna Lee. He has received funding from theThe New York State Council on the Arts to write music for dance/dramatic presentations, and has written songs for radio spots for The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Bob Warren's new 10 song CD, "All the Days of the World", spotlights his songwriting and singing in an intimate aural setting. Spare, but satisfying arrangements feature many of his long-time musical compadres, including Tony Markellis on bass, Joy MacKenzie singing harmony, Matt Donnelly on keyboards, Danny Whelchel plays percussion and brother Don Warren adds some of his signature electric guitar. As fellow singer/songwriter Michael Jerling says, "One of the tunes on the CD is called "Writer's Block". It is a funny song; but if Bob suffers from writer's block, he's got me fooled." The poet in me (Trio)











Saturday, March 11
6 PM
St. Francis Church, Bridge St., Northville


The Lustre Kings

SVAN is proud to bring you, once again, The Lustre Kings on April 8. This old time Rock ‘N’ Roll band will be stopping by to entertain us with exactly the kind of toe tapping rock ‘n’ roll music we all love. The Lustre Kings’ passion for their music will keep you energized and dancing throughout the evening! We can’t wait to have them return, once again, to satisfy your need for a good time!









Saratoga Arts made this program possible with a Community Arts Grant funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.




















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